Buy Christmas presents on the Internet

You enough to spend whole days shopping to buy your Christmas presents? This year, order them on the Internet! Many online stores today have product catalogs that rival those of physical stores. And their selection tools allow you to find suitable gift ideas faster.

A new prehistoric ascendant scorpion

It measures between 1.50 m and 1.70 m long. He has forceps capable of grasping prey the size of a fist. In short, we would not like to come face to face with diving. Let's reassure ourselves, that will not happen. This scorpion of the seas - or Pentecopterus decorahensis, its scientific name - haunted the seas of the globe in the Paleozoic era, 460 million years ago.

Sex or round ball? Men have chosen!

Some women will have to gnaw their brakes during the Euro football, which will begin June 10. According to a survey conducted in April by Soft Paris, a specialist in the home sale of lingerie and naughty accessories, one in five men would prefer to watch a game than to go on with their half.

Fashion: our tips for looking younger

Do not fall into the gameism or the old-fashioned banishing clothes borrowed from the wardrobe of his daughter (skirt or top too short, jeans close to the body or with addicts ...). Prohibition of dressing up, even if the physical allows it, the effect is the opposite to that expected: coup de vieux immediate.

How to stay chic in the rain?

Adopt tight-fitting pieces With wide or long pants, which can drag in the puddles, prefer models straight, close to the body or shortened to the ankle. Dresses and skirts are welcome, accompanied by opaque tights, quick to dry. Pay attention to the materials Of course, one leaps fragile fabrics that rain could damage: not to the deerskin, clothes as accessories.